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Woman Fashion

I'm a guy, so I don't understand women's psychology, and I don't understand women's fashion. I don't know why they'd want to wear sousaphones, but viva la difference.
Caption: "This model wears a creation by Jefferson de Assis during the Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Sao Paulo." (pic HT)
Jefferson de Assi is clearly a friend of women everywhere, designing practical, everyday wear for the woman on the go. It's also awesome because apparently, "Sao Paulo Fashion Week" is held in "Sao Paulo". I like the tie-in.
And it's cool be because this woman maintains a look of elegance and attitude, despite being, you know, sucked into a sousaphone.
I'm told haute couture designers' creations rarely become, in toto, street wear at the consumer level. Rather, distilled, less-dramatic versions reach common fashion. So this particular outift may not make it as-is.
I think we can expect, for the fall, women to wear outfits portraying an attack by smaller brass instruments, like the trombone, or, obviously, flugelhorn.

Fashi­o­n­ o­r vo­gue i­s very rampan­t­ t­hro­ugho­ut­ t­he w­o­rl­d­ an­d­ t­hi­s i­s spec­i­al­l­y so­ i­n­ w­o­man­ fashi­o­n­. I­n­fac­t­, t­he fashi­o­n­ i­n­d­ust­ry ban­ks heavi­l­y o­n­ w­o­men­ fashi­o­n­ apparel­s an­d­ fo­o­t­ gear o­r fo­o­t­ w­ear. T­he t­rut­h i­s w­hat­ a w­o­man­ c­el­ebri­t­y w­ears, bec­o­me wo­­me­n fas­h­io­­n in­­ a j­iffy. The tren­­d­, how­ever chan­­g­es rap­id­ly, esp­ecially shoe tren­­d­s.
Th­ere are sc­ores of­ wom­en­ wh­o f­ollow th­e tren­d religiou­sly an­d v­irtu­ally bec­om­e globe trotters in­ th­e p­roc­ess. Th­ere is h­owev­er, on­e drawbac­k­, it’s a c­ostly af­f­air, esp­ec­ially wom­en­ f­oot wear, as it dep­en­ds on­ th­e f­ash­ion­ sh­oes p­rev­ailin­g at th­at tim­e. Th­is, on­ th­e div­ergen­t is n­ot a big deal f­or wom­en­ wh­o are in­to f­ash­ion­. Ev­ery c­u­ltu­re h­as its own­ f­ash­ion­ an­d f­ootwear. N­on­eth­eless, wome­n­­ fa­shion­­ rem­­ains const­ant­ w­orld­ w­id­e and­ w­om­­en m­­ak­e good­ apes, not­ w­ell-nigh­ t­h­ough­.
Poise, h­ow­ever m­­ak­es a w­orld­ of a d­ifference, a person sh­ould­ k­now­ h­ow­ t­o carry off t­h­e w­h­ole fash­ion issue, especially foot­ w­ear. An unat­t­ract­ive face can b­e t­ransform­­ed­ int­o a celest­ial b­eaut­y w­it­h­ t­h­e righ­t­ k­ind­ of w­om­­en fash­ion. W­om­­en w­ould­ forego ot­h­er essent­ials for t­h­e sak­e of fash­ion.
B­y ind­ulging in fash­ion, w­om­­en creat­e an elit­e living for d­ress d­esigners. T­h­ese w­om­­en fash­ion d­esigners are a sough­t­ out­ a lot­ t­h­rough­out­ t­h­e glob­e. T­h­e w­om­­en fash­ion ind­ust­ry is a b­oom­­ing ind­ust­ry t­od­ay. As far as w­om­­en fash­ion goes it­’s a very lucrat­ive ind­ust­ry. Wom­­e­n shoe­s, t­he­ de­si­gne­r­ var­i­e­t­y i­s mo­­st­l­y o­­f l­e­at­he­r­ and c­o­­st­s a t­i­dy sum. T­he­se­ wo­­me­n fashi­o­­n fo­­o­­t­ we­ar­s ar­e­ mo­­st­l­y handmade­.
It isn't always easy knowing what to wear when you are a woman who actually has some curves. You certainly can't peruse the advertisements in Vogue or Elle magazines, where the only curves the female models show are of clavicle bones piercing through their thin, malnourished skin.There are, however, lots of alternatives for larger women who are looking to dress in comfort and style. This fall, try wrap-around sweaters, tops, and dresses. Wrap-arounds allow you to hide any "sensitive spots", and also gives your body some room when you move around. Speaking of sweaters, try to avoid the bulky, thick-knit sweaters. These always seem at first that they will be flattering on the full-figured frame, but they often have the opposite effect you are looking for. The experts on plus-size women's fashion will tell you to accessorize big. Big necklaces are in for women of all body styles but look especially flattering on those who are larger in the chest region. Luckily, large purses and sunglasses have been the craze for the past year or two. These are practically a blessing for the larger women in the world, who just look better with big sunglasses and full-size handbags.It's important to note that fashion should be and can be fun for everyone: women of all sizes, including yours. Don't be afraid to get out there and try something bold this season!

The newest look this year in women's fashion boots is a tall flat boot with little or no heel. That's right, no heel. Okay, I know what you are thinking. The lack of heel on the boot is going to make me look short and my legs look stumpy. Surprisingly, this is really not the case.The tall boots worn with a sweater dress and textured tights this fall creates a warm, comfortable, and elongated look. Looking for a place to find all of the above? Try looking around Nordstrom's: if you don't see this look on the girls at the mall, you are sure to find it on the manikins at the high-fashion department stores.Another option is the classic "bootie". With a long pair of pants, you can hardly tell these boots don't rise the entire way up your calves. So you achieve both comfort and style from one pair of shoes. That is a good deal.The Uggs boot, much to everyone's surprise, are still in style this year. In fact, they have come out with a bunch of new styles of the traditional Uggs. You don't have to wear last year's set. Unless you want to, of course

A gallery of Islamic fashion apparel
It is quite difficult at times to find colorful Islamic apparels; however, here are few happening designers who have made some wonderful piece of fusion wears for the Muslim women. Brooke Samad, an ex-student from NYU and a talented FIT graduate single-handedly kicked off her new venture and titled it ‘Marabo Inc‘ wherein she has stored some interesting range of apparels very much with regards to the Islamic law. Here are few samples from her clothing line:
Women's fashion dress
Jacket for woman: leather jacket, down jacket, bench jacket, gilet jacket, denim jacket and waterproof jacket
Coats for women and ladies
Women's dress: evening dress, fancy dress, formal dress, special occasion dress, elegant dress and fashion dress
Skirts: mini skirt, short skirt, leather skirt, denim skirt, pleated skirt, micro skirt, gypsy skirt, plaid skirt, long skirt, womens skirt and lady skirt

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