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Fashion Glassess


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Choose SunglassesSunglasses have to make a fashion statement AND offer adequate eye protection. Is it any wonder that it can take hours? To make it just a little easier, I have come up with some simple to follow tips that should eliminate the guess work.
Americans Decide If Glasses Are FashionableThree thousand people were asked their opinions on eye glasses vs fashion and here is what they had to say.
Most people know they need eyeglasses to correct their vision. But, the reality is that getting an eyeglass prescription is just the beginning. From fabulous frame shapes and colors to advanced lens technologies, today's eyeglass wearers have endless options.

Sunglasses aren't just fashion accessories anymore. They are a necessary protection for your eyes. Most consumers know about the danger of sun exposure to the skin, but many are unaware that the sun's rays can damage the

Features Specifications: fashion reading glasses
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What Are The Most Comfortable Eyeglasses On The Market?
Comfort is an individual thing, for instance, some people wear contacts because they don’t enjoy having to worry about glasses. On the other hand, the idea of putting something in their eyes makes some people squeamish and they can’t fathom wearing anything but eyeglasses.
Yet, even those who make that choice to wear specs agree that glasses can be a bit cumbersome at times. The shape at the bridge is the most important aspect of determining comfort and is where the source of aggravation often stems. These types of glasses often leave red marks on the nose because they grip too tightly. This can make them very hard to wear.
More often than not, such frames are made out of plastic, this doesn’t mean that plastic frames will always be uncomfortable, in fact, some designer names are stamped on plastic frames.

Plastic eyeglasses
Plastic eyeglasses are economical, stylish and above all, they can be comfortable when made correctly. How comfortable? Well, this can largely depend on the make, model and style of the frames. For example, cat eye frame glasses are said to be easy to wear, whereas larger, boxier frames are heavier and harder to keep from sliding. Constantly having to push glasses up can be awkward and far from comfortable. Plastic isn’t the only material that glasses are made out of though. It is these other materials that often offer greater comfort than plastic can

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Fashion Mehndi


What Is Mehndi
MEHNDI is an ancient form of body art that has been practiced in the Middle East, India and parts of Africa for thousands of years. Mehndi is often viewed as a woman's practice though it has indeed been practiced by men. Mehndi is the art of applying designs to the skin through the application of pastes made with henna powder on different parts of the body. Henna was most often applied to the hands and feet.
Henna was first applied as a means to cool down the body. A dot was applied to the palm of the hands and helped to cool the body.
After becoming bored with the look of the single dot on the palm, the early users of henna began to add lines and other shapes. Eventually this elaboration became the beautiful designs we see today.In the different cultures where the practice of Mehndi flourished, different styles and ways of application developed. There are the fine lines of designs of Pakistan and India. There are the more geometric patterns and designs of Morocco. There are the bold geometric shapes and patterns of various parts of Africa created with a method of tape resist. Mehndi patterns are created with the application of paste with gold rods, plastic cones, plastic bottles with tips, syringes, toothpicks and other tools henna artists have developed to get the job done and express themselves through the art of Mehndi.
Evergreen Mehendi Tips
Mehendi is the most essential bridal accessory. Indian customs, traditions and festivals are incomplete without the beautiful and fragrant "Henna" designs and tattoos on a woman's hands.
Prepared and applied right, mehendi will not only add to your bridal look, but will wow the man of your life and the guests.
The Mehendi Trends
No Arabic patterns or westernised concepts for the dazzling dulhan of today; traditional mehendi designs have made a rocking comeback.
Talented celeb mehendi artist Veena Nagda, who has literally coloured the hands of Karisma Kapoor, Twinkle Khanna, Rani Mukerjee and Priyanka Chopra, believes that anything funky in mehendi designs is in.
Veena says, "The traditional Indian designs, which involve a lot of fine work, are back. The floral designs with paisleys and intricate detail are doing the rounds."
Green mehendi with color stones seems to be the latest trend.
For the pre-wedding cocktail parties, designs matching to the color of the outfits is also picking up in popularity, according to Veena.
Usha Shah is another mehendi artist for the Bollywood brigade whose recent mehendi can be seen on Konkona and Rani Mukherjee in Laga Chunri Mein Daag.
Usha says "Arabic mehendi, which was in some years ago, is certainly out whereas roses and lotuses are now in fashion again."

Mehendi Must-knows
Nowadays instant mehendi or chemical mehendi, which doesn't require any time to develop colour, is also available in the market, however, it is not the healthy way to go about it.
The chemicals in instant mehendi can cause skin allergies and other skin reactions.
Another type of harmful mehendi, which is not fortunately out of circulation,is "dye mehendi." It contained ammonia and other ingredients in a commercial dye and was extremely harmful.
Sometimes, nail-polish mehendi, a type of colour safe to be used on skin and is removable later, is used as instant mehendi. Ill effects of these colours are not known, since the concoction of these colours differs depending upon the brand.

A few words on Mehndi ...
The art of mehndi (or mehandi) has been a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures dating back as far as about 5,000 years, but is most known today for its history in India. Today, it is still used in religious and ritualistic ceremonies in India, but has also gained appreciation in other countries as a beautiful art to be appreciated at any time. So, what exactly is mehndi? Mehndi is a temporary art done on the body with henna. Henna powder is derived from a plant (actually a bush), Lawsonia inermis, commonly found in the Middle East and other areas where the climate is hot and dry. The bush is harvested, dried, and then crushed to make henna powder. Henna itself is used for many things such as hair treatment, heat rash relief, and skin conditioner to name a few. The top leaves of the plant are best for mehndi, while the lower part of the plant is used for the other purposes. Henna paste is what is made to apply henna art designs. Henna powder itself is green in color, but the stain it leaves behind is usually an orange-red color. There are many suppliers now that offer henna in a variety of colors but these are not recommended. Pure henna has had little to no incident of allergic reaction. When colors are added to natural henna, reactions can be mild to severe. Black henna especially has been known to cause serious skin burns as a result of the chemicals added to it to produce the black color effect. Henna is best to be appreciated in its purest form. Most who are familiar with henna have seen the traditional designs. These beautifully intricate patterns are similar to those used for the marriage ceremonies and other rituals. They usually adorn the hands and feet of the wearer, and require that they remain still for many hours to apply the paste and then allow it to dry. Henna color has been known to take best to the hands and feet due to their dry properties which soak up and hold the color better, but henna can be applied anywhere. How well your skin takes to the henna will depend on each individual's skin properties. Today, henna has been done in many forms including more contemporary designs. Some contemplating a permanent tattoo might apply henna first to see if they like the look before making a permanent decision. Some just enjoy having a temporary design they know will wash off in a few weeks. Whatever your reasons might be for being interested in henna, you are delving into a beautiful form of art rich in culture.
First of all I must tell you what is mehndi actually. It is the art or skill to embellish the various body parts like hands, palms and legs etc. with the help of application of henna. This henna is a paste made from the leaves of henna plant. It is available as readymade in the market. So don’t you begin to imagine that you have to go to the tree to make a fine paste of henna

More of you if asked the origin of this mehndi, majority would say that it is India in Punjab or Rajasthan. But now it’s magic has been spread almost all over the world. Especially in India we see the girls, ladies and the grand mas even crazy of the mehndi. Even Amitabh Bacchan is not that popular.
In India it was introduced by the Mughals during the 12th century. Anyways In India although it is becoming a fashion statement day by day yet it is treated as a part of culture of hindu, muslims and Punjabis. Specially for the weddings it is highly popular, in India you won’t find a single wedding in which the bridal’s hands are embellished by the beautifully applied mehndi. It has a genuine reason behind the application of this mehndi, that the bride who is about to leave her family forever and has to start a new life ahead definitely needs some special time to be spent with her friends and family members.Firstly mehndi was used as a medium to keep your hands cool really cool, it was very late when the women started to experiment with the designs of the mehndi. And due to that only it started to gain acceptance in various auspicious occasions like diwali and weddings etc.
The mehndi is applied and left for at least three hours and then when it is rubbed off on drying then the beautiful mehndi is simply irresistible and your heart automatically says even I want to apply the mehndi. Putting mehndi is not very difficult and also now a days readymade cones are available along with the mehndi design books. For best results take care of your mehndi like this :First of all apply the mehndi oil on your place of putting mehndi with the help of cotton.Then keep applying a little amount of lemon drops on the dried portion of mehndi with the help of cotton.Finally when you are about to rub off the mehndi then apply the ‘Mustard oil’ on your mehndi by cotton and rub it off after 15-20 minutes. You can rub off your mehndi by cropping your hands together.So you just read that application of mehndi is not that troublesome. And then you get a beautiful result in return.
There are many styles of applying mehndi like Traditional mehndi design, Arabic mehndi design, Shaded mehndi design, Bridal mehndi design and many more but this is for sure may be any design it enhances the

First of all I must tell you what is mehndi actually. It is the art or skill to embellish the various body parts like hands, palms and legs etc. with the help of application of henna. This henna is a paste made from the leaves of henna plant. It is available as readymade in the market. So don’t you begin to imagine that you have to go to the tree to make a fine paste of henna.

Mehndi party is a social gathering that is held before an Indian / Pakistani marriage ceremony. Mehndi gathering are typically held at the family residence of the bride in the week leading up to the actual wedding ceremony and are attended by friends and relatives who apply Mehndi which is known by Henna also to the bride’s hands, feet and body. It is considered highly favorable to decorate the hands and feet of a bride with Henna / Mehndi and usually the grooms name is written on the palm of the bride’s hand.
Party of Mehndi ceremony is a enjoyable and lively party and there is usually a special banquet prepared specially for the event. Mehndi parties are thrown across all regions of India and Pakistan the style and mode of the celebration often varies across different regions according to their own customs and traditions.
In the past, women only attended Mehndi parties and female relatives and friends of the bride will dance to music and play the dholak. In this day and age, Mehndi parties are no longer considered a private affair and have become plentiful and complicated celebrations that are attended by both men and women.
Noreen is one of us who is enjoying her brother wedding party. She is cute and charming girl, which like music, fun and mazza. Irrespective of age or gender, a party is a enormously popular event and is usually a large celebration which has led to modern parties being held in banquet halls rather than the bride’s family home.

The art of mehndi has existed for centuries. The exact place of its origin is difficult to track because of centuries of people in different cultures moving through the continents and taking their art forms with them and therefore sharing their art with everyone along the way. Some historical evidence suggests that mehndi started in India while others believe it was introduced to India during the twelfth century A.D. I personally feel that it would be hard to argue the fact that it appeared as an art form in Egypt first. Proof has been found that henna (mehndi) was used to stain the fingers and toes of Pharaohs prior to mummification over 5000 years ago when it was also used as a cosmetic and for its healing power. The mummification process took 70 days and as the Egyptians were diligent in planning for their deaths and their rebirth in the afterlife, they became quite obsessed with the preservation process. The Egyptians believed that body art ensured their acceptance into the afterlife and therefore used tattooing and mehndi to please the gods and guarantee a pleasant trip.

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Fashion Glass Bangle


Bangles or Chudi (Urdu: ﭼﻮﮌﯼ) (Tamil: Valayal) (Telugu: Gaaju) are traditional ornaments worn by Pakistani women and Indian women, especially Hindus. They wear after marriage signifying the matrimony.
They are circular in shape, and, unlike bracelets, are not flexible. The word is derived from Hindi bungri (glass).[1] They are made of numerous precious as well as non-precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous metals, plastic, etc.
Bangles are part of traditional Indian jewelry. They are usually worn in pairs by women, one or more on each arm. Most Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or combination of both. Inexpensive Bangles made from plastic are slowly replacing those made by glass, but the ones made of glass are still preferred at traditional occasions such as marriages and on festivals.
The designs range from simple to intricate handmade designs, often studded with precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, gems and pearls.
Sets of expensive bangles made of gold and silver make a jingling sound. The imitation jewelry, tend to make a tinny sound when jingled.
Some men wear a single bangle on the arm or wrist called as kada. In Sikhism, The father of a Sikh bride will give the groom a gold ring, a kada (steel or iron bangle), and a mohra.[1]

Bangles—made from shell, copper, bronze, gold, agate, chalcedony etc.—have been excavated from multiple archaeological sites throughout India.[2] A figurine of a dancing girl—wearing bangles on her left arm— has been excavated from Mohenjo-daro (2600 BC).[3]
Other early examples of bangles in India include copper samples from the excavations at Mahurjhari—soon followed by the decorated bangles belonging to the Mauryan empire (322–185 BCE), and the gold bangle samples from the historic site of Taxila (6th century BCE).[2] Decorated shell bangles have also been excavated from multiple Mauryan sites.[2] Other features included copper rivets and gold-leaf inlay in some cases.[2]

Types of bangle
There are various types of bangles available on the market. Primary distinguishing factor for these is the material that is used to make the bangles. This may vary anything from glass to metal to lac and even rubber or plastic. Traditionally bangles were made of various types of metals like gold, silver, bronze etc. Bangles made from gold are considered the most expensive ones.
Another factor that adds to the price of the bangles is the artifacts or the work done further on the metal. This includes embroidery or small glass pieces or paintings or even small hangings that are attached to the bangles. The rareness of a color and its unique value also increase the value. Bangles made from lac are one of the oldest ones and among the brittle category too. Lac is clay like material which in molded in hot kilns-like places to make these bangles. Among the recent entrants are the rubber bangles that are worn more like a wrist band by youngsters while the plastic ones are there to add the trendy look.
Normally, a bangle worn by people around the world is simply an inflexible piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. However, in many cultures, especially in the Arabian Peninsula and in South Asia, bangles have evolved into various types in which different ones are used at different occasions.

Glass bangles are mostly produced in only one Indian city called Firozabad in North India.
In India,
Hyderabad has a historic market for bangles named the Laad Bazaar.
Pakistan, glass bangles are almost all produced in Hyderabad, Pakistan

Bangles Palwasha Maroon and Gold
Beautifully embellished glass bangles, Lollywood style bangles embedded with beads, ribbons and jhumkas. These fabulous bangles are handcrafted to add glamour to our outfit! Available in various sizes and colours! This is a set of Thirty bangles (12 Maroon and 11 gold colored glass bangles) and Three Karas decorated with ribbons and beads which have jingling metal tussles...Diameter: 6.5cm

Team Spirit Bangles 2.10
Support your favorite school or team wearing glass bangle bracelets in your team colors. Don't see your team colors? Let us know! We'll create a bangle set just for you!

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Our newest Indian glass bangle bracelets! Find exciting new sets created since your last order. Be sure to check the other categories in case you missed previous sets.

Glass Bangles 2.10
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Indian Bangles: Current Glass Bangle Trends
Indian bangles have been around for hundreds of years, but they are more fun and versatile than ever right now. Indian metal bangles are common. You can find metal bangles everywhere from the mall jewelry shops like Clair's to stores like Target. These pretty metal bangles are great for little girls, but, hey, we're women. We want the real thing, GLASS

Bangle Color Meanings
White........................New Beginning/Purity

Meanings, symbology, and other fun history...
Glass bangles and Indian bangles have had many interesting meanings and myths surrounding them over the years. Lets have some fun exploring a couple, shall we?
Indian Bangles and the HoneymoonIndian wedding preparations will often include a bride's best friend or sister helping her put on the smallest glass bangles possible. Luxurious hand massages and scented oils are used to be able to put on bangles that otherwise would be too small. The smaller the bangles around your wrist, the less likely they are to break.
Why all this work? The saying goes that the honeymoon lasts until the last glass bangle breaks.

Glass Bangles, Husbands, and Luck
Often you will see Indian women wearing huge armfuls of glass bangles, even while doing day-to-day chores. It is said that bangles bring safety and luck to ones husband. If a woman breaks glass bangles (especially a large amount of them) her husband is in danger.
With all that power a woman and her bangle wield, a husband better be on his best behavior if he knows what's good for him!

Karwa Chuth Indian Celebration
This traditional Indian holiday is a celebration many Indian women participate in every year that honors their husbands and their god-sisters.Many years ago before telephones, cars, and trains, when Indian women married, they went to live with their new husband and their in-laws. This often meant leaving their friends and family far behind, leaving the girl without a confidant to talk to and help work out issues with her new family. To ease this transition, during the marriage ceremony another bond was sanctified between the bride and another women who would become the bride's life long god-sister or god-friend. The women would become sisters and best friends, giving the new bride a means to have someone close to confide her worries and hopes in privacy and confidence. Karwa Chuth originally was a celebration of this relationship between women and the marriage that brought them together. They would exchange gifts of food, glass bangles, henna, and bindi, and rejoice in each other's company along with the loving happy relationship between husband and wife.The bride's in-laws would also give her gifts on this day to celebrate the good fortune of having a kind and loving daughter-in-law, and to show her how much they love her. As the necessity of god-sisters has waned, the Karwa Chuth celebration has gravitated more towards celebrating the well-being, prosperity, and longevity of a woman's husband. A day long fast, from sun up to sun down, and prayer accompany the tradition of gifts. The fast comes from the Story of Queen Veeravati who both accidentally cursed and relivened her husband with the help of Goddess Parvati.

Pink Saturday - Pink bangles
Pink Saturday - Beverly, at the blog "How Sweet the Sound" hosts Pink Saturday. Let the color pink inspire you.
During our visit to Artesia, sometimes known as "Little India," I bought these pink metal bangles. They are bright hot pink, with gold-colored glitter and little mirror chips pasted on them in patterns. They are cheap things - the asking price for a stack of four dozen was $15. I bought half a stack, and then gave away a dozen to a friend. Even still, the glitter and clash and sparkle of the remaining dozen catches the eye when worn - and the ear, as they delicately tinkle when you move.
The word "bangle" comes from Hindi. It is related to bangri or bangali, which refers to its shape - a ring around the arm. "Bangle" may also be related to bungri, which means "glass."
Indian girls buy glass bangles for all occasions, in colors that match their outfits. Special wooden racks are sold to display them safely. Most glass bangles, or kanch-ki-choodi are made by Muslim craftspeople in the city of Firozabad, in north central India, or in the city of Hyderabad, in Pakistan.
Firozabad, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is famous for its glassworks. Glass of all kinds is made here, including light bulbs and bottles and jars - but also beads, bangles, chandeliers, decorative wear.
Bangles are made in sizes, from tiny ones for little girls to extra large ones for larger hands. You're supposed to wear the smallest size that fits you - small glass bangles are less likely to break. When I shopped for glass bangles in the Bangle Bazaar in Artesia, the shopgirl sized me as a 2.8. The glass bangles are stored beneath a table holding CDs. I sat down on the floor and pawed through the stacks and boxes of glass bangles - although there were fabulous colors and varieties, it seemed like everything was a 2.6.

I finally found this package - they are black and gold, and quite elegant. There are two fancy bangles in the package, as well as skinny bangles decorated in three different patterns. Price? $9.
Since medieval times in India, bangles have been a symbol of marriage. Women wear bangles at weddings and give bangles as wedding gifts. The saying goes that a honeymoon lasts until the last wedding bangle breaks. When a woman is widowed she symbolically breaks her glass bangles.
Women's craft collectives in India adorn boxes, picture frames, other objects with colorful shards of broken glass bangles.
Glass bangles are delicate, and break easily. I broke this one trying to put it on. I really think I should have bought a size 2.10 instead. Bangle-lovers advise using lotion on your hands when trying to put your bangles on or take them off.
If you like the idea of glass bangles, you can go to this website. They have instructions for measuring your size, and selections of bangles in all sizes and colors.

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Fashion Child


Glug Baby
Glug baby was born to a husband and wife team shortly after their first child was born. Like so many other parents, they were excited to buy well-designed, everyday clothes for their daughter to wear, but couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for. So they decided to start designing for themselves. The challenge was simple - create a fresh, modern line stylish enough to appeal to hip parents, yet still playful and appropriate for children. Three years later, GLUG BABY is going strong and expanding every season.
Morgan & Milo Ginger Mary Jane
A mary jane that is not afraid to be worn for play dates. Little girls will enjoy this soft suede upper with playful embroidered hearts and colorful striped lining. Moms will love that it has a durable rubber toe cap and all the comfort of her daughters favorite GINGER MARY JANE sneakers.

The modern boy - he is the king of the monkey bars, prince of the lunch table. He never makes the bus, but always makes his bed. He likes his ABCs, minds his Ps and Qs and devours his PB and Js, in that order. All in all, an extremely talented young man. Check out WONDERBOY collections for your modern boy.

PluiePluie Rainboots
PluiePluie means “rain, rain” in French. Its European styled raingear will make you wish it would rain every day. But no longer would you have to be sopping wet–PLUIEPLUIE is sure to rescue your day!

Daily Tea from Tea Collection
For a world of play…everyday
Discover Daily Tea - the easy mix-and-match knits for infants! Inspired by the everyday play of children, Daily Tea offers high-quality, 100% cotton knits with distinctive prints, colors and silhouettes that create endless wardrobe possibilities. DISCOVER DAILY TEA

Kate Spade Nylon Large Baby MessengerThis classic nylon messenger bag is a great choice for career minded moms. This water resistant bag has two interior bottle pockets and a zip pocket. The wipeable lining makes cleaning up spills a snap. A change pad is included but can be removed. The unstructured interior makes it easy to pack tons of baby stuff. This bag will keep any mom looking stylish, but is also classic enough to use

Pixel Pak
Pixel Modern Pieces offers the essential outfit-to-go in this 3-Piece cotton set. Featuring a two-tone cotton tee with quirky graphic and coordinating track pant and beanie this modern gift set will be a favorite of both baby and mama’s alike! Find one that fits your baby’s personality.
Pixel Pak gift sets come in a convenient 6” reuseable clear bag. You’ll find your Pixel Pak makes the perfect “outfit to go.” When not storing an extra outfit - use your bag for hot wheels, crayons, hair bands or a snack! Made for you in the USA.

Ellie Bellie Kids Messenger Bag
Who says messenger bags are only for those who know their times tables?
A little sporty, a little metro, these pint-sized messenger bags are a hit with kids and parents alike. Kids love carrying their own treasures, and you’ll love not having to carry those treasures yourself. Fill it with snacks, books, puzzles or other gear and give them a sense of independence while looking super stylish too! Measures 10″w x 8″h x 2″d. Adjustable strap. Velcro closure. Interior pocket. Machine

Spongebob Squarepants Celebrates His 10 Year Anniversary
Spongebob Squarepants Celebrates His 10 Year AnniversarySpongebob Squarepants Celebrates His 10 Year Anniversary. Humanity™ has created a fashionable, humanitarian Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt to celebrate!Spongebob Squarepants fans young and old can join in the celebration with this organic cotton t-shirt. Humanity is a tapestry of art and written text that unfolds the story of individuals, social justice and the environment.Each Humanity piece collection reveals a story. Through the artistic design on the outside and the written text on the inside Humanity is sure to be loved by all.

New Consumers? Children, Fashion and Consumption
‘Pester power’ may be familiar to many parents of children trying to cope with ever increasing demands for the latest trainers, CDs, mobile phones and computer games. The fact that children now represent a considerable market for producers and retailers of such goods might be well known, but the significance of consumption to their lives and to childhood more generally is not. Taking children’s consumption of clothing as its focus, our research has attempted to understand the place and significance of fashion amongst 6–11 year olds in different regions of England. Working in detail with children in eight contrasting families over the course of a full year, the research has looked at the place of labels and logos in contemporary childhood. Our findings highlight parental concerns about inappropriate sexualization through clothing and at the same time challenge the idea that all children want to look like their favourite pop star or footballer

Fashion Rings


Wedding and Engagement Rings
According to ancient traditions, a wedding ring, as a symbol of conjugal faithfulness, should be simple, without any fancy features. Nowadays this principle is not so stringent. More and more married couples want their wedding rings to be decorated with diamonds or other gemstones.By shopping at Gem-Fashion store you will be able to search through hundreds of wedding and engagement ring styles and seek out great deals. We carry gold, silver, rhodium and stainless steel wedding jewelry for men and women. Limitless combination of stones and styles including matching wedding bands
14k Yellow Gold 0.10Ct Diamond Garnet Stackable Ring
This elegantly designed band of exquisite yellow gold features six sparkling diamonds and seven lovely garnets. Start your fashionable ring collection with this 14k Yellow Gold 0.10Ct Diamond Garnet Stackable Ring.

14k Y Gold Wraparound 3/4 Carat Diamond Right Hand Ring
This fashion ring has four gorgeous bands of diamonds in a trendy configuration. Express your unique sprit with this 14k Y Gold Wraparound 3/4 Carat Diamond Right Hand Ring

Cubic Zirconia Rings
Cubic zirconia rings are man-made diamond substitutes at a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds. They are produced colorless with the "fire" of real diamonds, and offer the masses an affordable and elegant substitute for a real diamond ring. Sterling silver rings incorporate cubic zirconia into the designs of many styles of rings from cz wedding ring sets, cubic zirconia engagement rings to wedding bands.

A ring or other piece of jewelry with just one gemstone. For an engagement ring, the stone is usually set in prongs to raise it above the band thus, showcasing the gem. The diamond solitaire engagement ring is the most classic of engagement

Surgical steel fashion ring with cut-out and carved-in frog design on two sides
Ring Size between 6 to 11, assorted randomly picked by warehouse staffs
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Fashion Beauty and Style


Here, at Beauty Chat, we definitely do not want to exclude our fellow male readers from satisfying their fashion fix. After all, fellas, you want that object, or for some – object(s), of affection to mimic the wise words of Paris Hilton: “That’s Hot” as opposed to “Huh?”
Whether you’re a man who inadvertently delves into sartorial pitfalls or is a self-proclaimed style pioneer who regards
Esquire Magazine as the Holy Grail of men’s fashion, beauty tips should never go unwarranted; especially when they are being dictated by the magazine’s style gurus themselves.
The following are just samples of Esquire’s 50 new laws of fashion. While some are undeniably true, others are sadly true because you know at least one other male culprit, aside from yourself of course, who has committed the crime. Men, you know who you are:
No. 17: “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar WildeNo. 25: Short socks are for Englishmen and Italian bus drivers. You are neither.No. 35: Never buy anything yellow. How to break it: Unless it’s a Lamborghini.No. 45: Nothing says “Jackass” quite as well as a cell phone on a belt clip.No. 47: Sunglasses should be worn only as sunglasses. And never at night.
Although Esquire accurately conjures up 50 great style laws that every man should “commit to memory,” I could not help but notice several fashion rules of thumb that did not make the list. Bear in mind, these overlooked laws of fashion admittedly stem from personal pet peeves; however, I have little doubt
Queer Eye’s “Fab Five” would beg to differ

White socks with black dress shoes.
Your name does not begin with Michael and does not end in Jackson, so please leave this fashion faux pa time-locked in the “Beat It” era.

Be sure to have a pack of mints handy at all times.
There are few things more disappointing than a well-dressed man with bad breath.

Groomed feet are the window to good hygiene.
How to break it: Ladies, you too should listen to this whisper from the wise.

less is more. Please do not compete with the office’s airborne Febreeze.

Trimming your brows will not subject your sexuality to social cross-examination.

However, do not take Joey Lawrence’s word for it. Rather, visit a professional threading studio.
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No matter how well groomed a woman might be otherwise, if her eyebrows are not equally well groomed, she will not have a fully well groomed appearance. Well defined eyebrows give a woman a polished look that shows how much she values her appearance. There are many ways of achieving nicely groomed eyebrows but we will discuss three of the most popular options here. Which you choose depends on your preference, hair type and skin sensitivity. These three methods of eyebrow shaping and grooming are threading, plucking and waxing. (Check out this cool video Eyebrow Shaping & Grooming )

Eyebrow Threading
Though Western women have fairly recently caught on to eyebrow threading, it is actually a centuries old practice that has its origins in India. It has been very popular among Middle Eastern women for a long time. Eyebrow threading was offered in salons and spas for Middle Eastern women for a long time before Western women developed an interest in it. Now it is becoming a more popular and preferred method of eyebrow grooming.
Eyebrow threading is accomplished by using a double strand of thread (usually cotton), twisting it to catch a line of hair in the selected area. Many women like the fact that it is faster than most other methods and more cleanly removes line of hair, often without causing the redness and irritation that plucking or waxing can cause.
It has also been found to be more precise than the other methods, too, when done by an experienced aesthetician. Be sure you do go to one who is very experienced, though, or you could have problems with hair breakage, uneven eyebrows, pain and ingrown hairs. It works better for fine hair than it does for coarse hair.

Plucking Eyebrows
This is perhaps the one method that most women have used at one time or another. It involves removing one hair at a time by grasping it with a pair of tweezers. Though it is an easy method, it can be time consuming. You can do it yourself, though and that makes it one of the most preferred methods. You will need good light and a mirror (a magnifying mirror is often preferred) that allows a good view of your eyebrows. I thoroughly recommend and wouldn’t be without it Tweezerman Mirror and Tweezer Kit. If you are bothered too much by the pain of the plucking, you can use ice to numb the area first. Then brush the eyebrow hair straight up with an eyebrow brush.
This makes it easy to see the hairs you want to remove. It is best to start at the point nearest your nose and work toward the temple, taking your time. So there is less pain and the hairs stay smooth, always pluck the hairs in the same direction as their growth.

Eyebrow Waxing
Waxing is a fairly quick method of removing unwanted hair from the eyebrows but can be rather painful. If your skin is very sensitive, this may not be a good method for you. Though it is better to have a professional do the waxing, you can do it yourself. If you do want to try it yourself, be sure you buy professional quality supplies to get the best results. You will first want to determine where the wax is to be applied. Brush your eyebrows into the defined shape you want so you can see the hair to be removed.
After warming the wax to the temperature recommended in the instructions, apply the wax in a thin layer to the unwanted hair with the applicator from the waxing kit. Be sure to apply it in the same direction the hair grows. Then place a small piece of muslin on the wax and carefully smooth it.
Use one hand to hold the skin taut and pull the muslin off with your other hand. It is best to work on small areas at a time to avoid taking too much hair off. Which ever method you choose, keeping your eyebrows well groomed is well worth the effort. You will not only look more polished but feel more confident in your appearance.

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1) Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
2) Cut some beet root into small pieces and grind them. Squeeze juice from beet root and massage to your face for 5 minutes. Shower after 10 minutes with mild soap or gram flour.
3) Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and add 4 to 5 drops of milk in it and apply on to your face and body. Shower after 15 minutes with warm water.
4) Mix honey in water and drink daily in the morning to keep your skin shiny and smooth.
5) Warm honey and mix with lemon juice and apply on to face. Wash after it dry.
6) Take food which contains more A and C vitamin.
7) Mix turmeric and cream on the top of milk, massage that mixture to body.
8 ) Take equal quantities of cucumber juice and tomato juice and apply on to skin. Wash after 10 minutes.
9) Use humidifiers and keep room temperature moderate to keep your skin away from dryness.
10) Hot water blushes your skin and you don’t feel fresh unless you have bath with little cold water. If you have shower for a longtime, dead skin will be automatically be removed. Do not rub with towel, be gentle on your skin.

Am I the only one who gets major anxiety before Valentine's Day? When you're a single gal, you're either nervous about finding a date or just depressed that your only dates are Ben & Jerry. When you're a coupled lady, you're worried about all the expectations and hype of the most romantic day of the year. Why does this night have to be so special? You look down at your abs - what used to be a six-pack looks more like a keg after a week full of Valentine's Day chocolates. Not to fret - here are a few tips to get you looking in tip-top shape for that sexy lingerie you just purchased - no sit-ups required! Start with an all-over body scrub to get rid of any dry rough patches. Then use one of Christy Turlington's favorites, Nude Smoothing Body Refiner with coffee and ginkgo on your legs and bum. The caffeine will temporarily reduce unsightly lumps and bumps and lift your legs to supermodel shape. Fake flat abs and toned legs with an all over airbrush tanner. Dust shimmer powder on the sides of your shinbones and down the center of your stomach for a toning effect. And one more thing you can't forget to pep up before V-Day is your bust! It Cosmetics makes a Beautiful Breasts Shadow Palette with contour cremes that can help you fake a more ample cleavage. Who needs the gym when a little trickery can go a long way? Check out the slideshow for more instant body boosting products!

The occurrence of the words "festive" and "beauty" in the same sentence may stir up a few painful memories of that time you went to school on St. Patrick's Day in head-to-toe green, complete with clover-colored eyeshadow and lipstick (it's okay - you sooo did not look like a leprechaun). And yeah, that time you showed up at a Halloween bash with a full-on clown face (only to find out the hard way that it wasn't a costume party) wasn't too hot either. But seriously, no matter what bad experiences you've endured and beauty faux pas you've committed in the past with occasion-coordinated makeup shades, a festive face doesn't have to be obnoxious, nightmarish, or costume-y! With the right products and tints (and the correct doses of them!) you can look great for your Valentine's Day date without resembling a page off the calendar. For one, it's vital to remember subtlety - with Philosophy's candy heart-inspired lip gloss and Sephora Valentine's chocolate-scented bath scrub and body butter, the whole world may not be able to read all your V-Day enthusiasm like a sign on your forehead, but you and the one you'll be cuddling up to will get to enjoy the celebratory scents! Also, while bright red lips and harsh fuchsia blush may set off a warning alarm in your brain, don't shy away from the right shades of pink! With the Laura Mercier First Blush Palette, you'll be surprised at how far a gentle rosy glow can go in creating a softly feminine and flirty look. For the perfect pucker-upper, take a look at Clinique's Kissable Six set of lip plumping glosses, complete with six different pink, plummy, and nude shades, so you won't have to spend hours in the store trying to pick the perfect tint! And, if you're feeling just a tad bit bold, try for a more season-suitable smokey eye in a plum-pink shade like Make Up For Ever's Plum 39 (just make sure to go nude on the lips for balance!). As long as you don't try to use all eight festively fabulous products at once, these candy-colored goods are bound to help you look cuter than Cupid... and way sexier too, I hope. Check out the slideshow for the rest of the Valentine's Day-influenced beauty sets and shades!

Your friends may make fun of you for your perhaps age-inappropriate Hello Kitty collection of pens, mugs, linens, guitars, jewelry, cutlery, furniture, and what-have-you, but who are they kidding? Despite her sweet and youthful appearance, Hello Kitty isn't just for kids, and quite frankly, with upscale Sanrio-loving designers like Tarina Tarantino and Kimora Lee Simmons for Zales, she's much more popular with the adults these days than she ever was with the youngsters! And now, with the help of MAC Cosmetics, she just got a whole lot more grown-up! The much-anticipated Hello Kitty makeup collection is finally available for purchase today in MAC stores and MAC-carrying department stores (yes, you can actually buy it and take it home -- it's not just on display for pre-orders or to tease us anymore)! The collection contains three different "lines" -- Hello Kitty Mild, Hello Kitty Wild, and Hello Kitty Accessories -- with coordinating shades in each that range from pretty girlie pinks to bold modish blues and neon hues. While the sweet inspired products include a variety of makeup zip-cases, feline-like lashes, and loads of character-influenced glosses, glitters, and pigments, I have to say I much prefer the products that they've emblazoned with the Hello Kitty logo over the plain pots of "inspired" shades that they've also thrown in the collection (I don't really see the point unless you're truly indulging in your obsession). Overall, MAC's spin on our favorite cartoon cat is so dark and funky that she looks more like "Goodbye Kitty" than her usual jolly self, but I have to say, I'm kind of diggin' this gritty new side to the classic Kitty! Check out the slideshow for some of the products inspired by the fancy feline!

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