Friday, February 20, 2009

fahion shoes and sandals


Dr. Martens has been one of the most respected and well-known icons of the world since 1960 and Dr. Marten’s boots, shoes and sandals continue to set the standard for durability, comfort and fashion. Dr. Martens anchor you, liberate your creativity,
inspire and fuel your identity.

Product Description
Nice Fashion Shoe For Man dress sandal, we supply top grade quality with fashion designs, now duing to our effort, we have develop many designs which are very fashionable, special for spring in 2008, should you be interested. Free to contact with our memeber for more new style!

Fashion hates
I see that I have not ranted about any of my fashion hates since the dawn of time! That is not right and must be fixed immediately.
What, you ask, am I hating on right now? Here are two words that should never go together:
“Roman” and “sandals”
They’re also known as gladiator sandals and Greek sandals. They are abominations. And I’ve been seeing them everywhere here in sunny Sydney. They are an affront to my eyes!
And, I suspect, an affront to the person who’s wearing them’s calves. Seriously, look at how many spots there are for chafing and blisters. It’s been in the high 20s and low thirties for a while now and a bit humid.1 In short, it’s the kind of weather that makes you sweat and when you sweat wearing those things? I see a world of pain in your future.They do not make you look sexy. They make you look like a galumphing gladiator. And the constant

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Men colour trends for winter 2008-2009
Posted by Veronica Valter
Winter affects everyone, and thus men, as well as women, need additional colour support to be well emotionally.
Designers made their efforts to create collections which are new in style and rich in hues to help us distract from negative thoughts and feelings and look forward to positive things.
The most popular tints for the season that has already started are the following:
Blue in its terrific variations is extremely popular this winter. Electric blue, ultramarine blue, rich midnight blue, light blue, navy and darker shades are all used in men clothes.

Do you feel that your shoes and sandals need some jazz up? Well, welcome a new kind of fashion-shoes glowing with light; well, not exactly the whole of it, but the heels. The LED Alina Shoes are flashy for they have a LED placed at the heels. The shoes come in various colors-black, gold, silver and in various styles. The heels also are in various styles-wedges, stilletos, etcetera. The light emitted is of various colors - starting from green, blue, red to fluorescent colors. I don’t quite know what was in the mind of the designer while designing such unique shoes. I mean, why do we need LEDs in the heels? Well, anyone for this trashy product? I personally do not quite like the shoes at all. They are too glittery and flashy. Never know, one might go all the way to buy this one. Since the price starts as low as $30, the shoes might find some customers.

Purple reigns this fall so go all out in the sumptuous hue with ‘ gorgeous suede shoe boots. Wear with tonal layers for an on-trend day look.

Must Have Shoes and Sandals
One of my weaknesses are shoes (sandals). Whenever ever I like one, I'll never have the "inner peace" until I own it. It's funny because sometimes I tend to have nightmares about them.
I enjoyed the article posted on Net-A-Porter. It was entitled as "Sole Searching", an "IT" list of some must have shoes and sandals for women who are always on the go in terms of fashion. It also include some fashion tips and tricks on how to flaunt the shoes and sandals. Here they are:

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