Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Watch


An Elegant Watch for a Real Lady
Are you a follower of elegant style in clothing? Does everybody consider you to be a woman with refined taste? Then the legendary Coco Channel has to be your idol. The queen of style, who laid the foundation to the most famous and smartest Fashion House, was also the foundress of elegancy that cannot be submitted to the influence of time. She just couldn’t live without accessories: a bag, a kerchief, gloves, hats. These pleasant things can always raise any woman's mood and accentuate her individuality. The gorgeous lady Coco Channel knew it very well. The Moschino I love Tahiti watch is an incarnation of the refined taste. It's great to wear this watch with a little black dress, elegant shoes, small cute bag and a string of pearls. Severe but elegant style - you will certainly be considered a very elegant fashionable woman. As for me, this watch is more appropriate for an adult woman than for a young girl. It can be a great gift for your mother or aunt. And I'm sure your lady-boss will be on the on the top of the world if she gets such a nice present for a birthday.

Irresistible Seduction for Stronger Sex
I have always wondered whether there exists a gem-set jewelry watch featuring distinctively masculine design. To tell you the truth, I used to associate jewelry watches with ladies' priority. I considered that if a watch's dial is embellished with gems, the timepiece immediately acquires some kind of feminine look. But I had to change my well-established opinion when I saw the Octo Black Spirit watch by Gerald Genta. I think that the creators of the Octo Black Spirit expressed all their passion for watchmaking through producing such a breath-taking timepiece. There appeared a men's wristwatch which united the art of gem-setting and introduced a new horological vision of jewelry. Being powered by extremely complex tourbillon movement, the watch impresses by a dazzling constellation of precious stones. I'm sure the watch will seem seductive even to a man with the most cool-jewelry-things-resistant character. The Octo Black Spirit has an octagonal-shaped platinum case measuring 42.50 mm in diameter. The tantalum bezel adds distinctive masculine strength and character to the overall watch's image. Meanwhile, the beaded crown featuring a black cabochon sapphire is a real zest. The case-back is reliably protected by a transparent glare-proof sapphire crystal and pentagonal screws. The timepiece is water-resistant to 10 atm.From the first glance at the watch's dial you will notice that the hour display is not conventional. There is a retrograde 240 degrees indication for the hours. This way the pointer never "steps" at the tourbillon territory.

Gorgeous Bvlgari
The new collections of Bvlgari - Parentesi and Rosette - are very different but give the opportunity to better know the Bvlgari style. If we'd try to characterize it, the word neoclassicism would fit the best. The matter is that new Parentesi is a serious face lifting of the old Parentesi - the collection made 10 years ago and that nowadays is out of fashion. The experts have acknowledged that the first Parentesi lost its former attractiveness. It's interesting but the former Parentesi of Italian Bvlgari began looking slightly French - refined and vintage. But the new collection has substituted the old one.

Luxury has got the name
It is a long time that I discovered Van Cleef and Arpels products. However, my knowledge about it was rather superficial. It was also true relative to the timepieces of the Company. How strong was my admiration when I found out Van Cleef and Arpels had been producing watches starting from the early 20th century! I decided to share a couple of my ideas with you, as well as provide you with some useful information about the brand. The very first question that I asked myself looking at creations of Parisian House masters: how did they make it? That's the way to convey my sincere admiration for these sparkling miracles.Back to the pastThe empire of luxury Van Cleef and Arpels that appeared due to the conjugal unit of the diamond cutter's son Alfred Van Cleef and the daughter of the brilliants dealer Estelle Arpels in 1896 continues to surprise and delight watch and jewelry art connoisseurs. Van Cleef and Arpels's blossoming fell on the beginning of 1950th when luxury was worshipped like God. It was the time when Fellini was filming "La dolce vita", when Grace Kelly became a princess of Monaco. The brand was finally fixed in heaven inhabitants' assembly in 1966 as the work upon Iranian shah's crown was finished. Pierre Arpels flied to Iran as others went to their offices and managed to make a magnificent headdress which took one thousand and a half brilliants from the shah's family collection.Love to perfectionThe beauty is absolute and stands no conventionalities.

Jet-Set Classic
Limelight is a classic collection of watches and jewelry pieces from Piaget. In 2006 to a well known Limelight was added the word "Party". The word "party" is key for Swiss watch house Piaget that began producing mechanisms in 1874 and began creating watches for men in 1942. And in 1950-es began producing jewelry watches for ladies. Jewelry-watch style Piaget was finally formed in 1960-es during jet-set époque. The word party together with the name of the collection accentuates its style (glamous, some surrealism and jet-set). On the other hand represents a part of the collection devoted to disco. Limelight Party consists of four parts - "Disco", "Lace", "Champagne" and "Barocco". All the components and styles of a party: disco are parties of 1980-es, lace is an undeniable part of an evening gown, campagne is the main drink of any party plus rich Barocco that is close by style to Lace.In a jewelry section "Champagne" were presented necklaces and earrings made of a great number of small round-cut diamonds. According to the conception, jewels should remind of champagne bubbles in a long glass. There are watches in "Champagne". One of the most harmonious lines Piaget Antiplano has presented several new watches.The best variation has a case made of mother-of-pearl of golden tint of champagne. And white diamonds serve as bubbles. Cool bubbles, isn't it? As for "lace" series it is necklaces and earrings, white gold, diamonds. But there's a really unique unit there - it's small diamond mask that is worn on a single eye.

New Chronograph Model Created by Prominent Italian Designer
A new model of the Manometro Chronograph, has recently updated the prominent Manometro collection created by Giuliano Mazzuoli. The timepiece displays an oversized stainless steel case with polished finish. The boldly designed case measures 45.2 mm in diameter. The watch offers the choice between two dial variations ivory or black. Each option reveals brushed silver sub-dials.
Having maintained the distinctive detail of the initial Manometro model, the chronograph has the crown positioned at 2 o'clock. While the first Manomentro featured a standard crown, the new model has a screw-down crown to guarantee resistance to water and dust. Giuliano Mazzuoli will develop every new Manometro model with the screw-down crown.
Mazzuoli's timekeeping creations have always been characterized by artistic out-of-the-box approach to design. This time the designer has placed the sub-dials at 2 and 8 o'clock instead of sub-dials positioned 3 and 9 o'clock as featured by other watches. The sub-dials are in perfect harmony with the crown. The position of the pushers is also special they are found at the left-hand side of the case at 8 and 10 o'clock. The 8 o'clock button is responsible for the start-stop function, while the 10 o'clock button controls the reset function.
In the heart of Mazzuoli's Manometro Chronograph there beats a Dubois-Depraz automatic chronograph movement based on an ETA caliber. A hand-stitched lizard strap with ergonomic design finely completes the bold look of the timepiece.
Every Mazzuoli's watch from the Manometro collection has enjoyed huge success. The first Manometro model was inspired by a pressure gauge. It sported a perfectly legible dial and attracted much attention of style-makers. It was followed by the Manometro Limited Edition with titanium case provided with a gold PVD finish. In the nearest future Mazzuoli is going to introduce a sporty version of the Manometro constructed from carbon fiber and rubber featuring the unique Manometro proportions.
Nowadays Italian artist Giuliano Mazzuoli has gained the celebrity status of the most creative watch designer in the horological community. Mazuolli is praised for his other unforeseen design projects, such as calendars and writing instruments with unique design suggested by everyday objects.

Spiderman Watch for Real Heroes
Recently I told you about a cool and beautiful watch for girls. But I don't want to hurt boys' feelings and I've found something very interesting for them, too. I mean this cool Spiderman watch. Spiderman has appeared as one of the most favorite comics' hero. Later, the Spiderman has become world -known. Boys all over the world love this fashion super hero with unlimited abilities. An interesting fact is that every third boy from 5 till 12 years old wants to resemble the Spiderman. That is why I'm 100 % sure that if you choose this great Spiderman watch as a gift for a boy - that'll be a great decision!You know recently I talked to a 7 years old boy who played in my house court. And being an adult, I asked him stupid adult standard questions. Of course one of them was: What are you going to do in future? Have you already guessed what the reply was? Yes, Spiderman. He even explained me that Spiderman possessed unbelievable power and deftness. The aim of his life is to save the world from evil and to protect weak people. While he was speaking, his eyes were shining. I was so impressed after this conversation that I decided to make him a gift. I bought this wonderful Spiderman watch - by the way everything with Spiderman image is in fashion. I cannot tell you how happy the boy was! So, make a surprise for your son or nephew - it'll be the right choice!

Harry Winston Watch - "Flows of Diamonds"
Have you ever dreamt to have a very special jewelry item? Do you have anything of this kind in your jewelry box? But I'm sure it has nothing to do with a Harry Winston watch. Very feminine case shape is emphasized by refined lines of a "Captive" bracelet created specially for this model. The case and the bracelet are made of white and yellow gold and adorned with diamonds the beauty of which demonstrates secular traditions of jewelry craftsmanship. This great watch Signature 7 is an incarnation of luxury. The bracelet consists of seven diamond rows. Due to the fact that each part is made by hand, the bracelet gains its famous suppleness. Moreover this watch is a fashion thing - as you probably know-everything shining and a little provoking is in fashion now. To say the truth, while looking at this work of art, I imagine a stylish woman in a mini-skirt and a deep décolleté wearing high-heeled shoes with a very bright make-up, carrying a decorative pocket doggie. And of course a gorgeous Signature 7 is shining on her wrist. It is well known that tastes differ. As for me, I prefer something not so huge and pompous. I find the bracelet a kind of provoking. I prefer something more refined. But everybody has its own fashion preferences. Moreover, the timepiece's price is enormous for me. If I had this money, I'd spend them on something more necessary.

Unique Timepieces from Angular Momentum
In order to have not just very good and reliable watch but to stand out from the crowd it is necessary to use imagination. The item you have on your wrist has to be really special and unique but not just expensive one. Angular Momentum company offers a number of amazing and original timepieces that do not resemble any other watch. There are a lot of great and beautiful timepieces in Angular Momentum collections. For example this is an exclusive watch Abalone. The timepiece is hand made and there is a dial cut from South Sea Abalone shell. The steel case is decorated with 12 diamonds that are indexes at the same time. The case diameter is 42 mm. As for the strap, it is made of crocodile leather. "A South Sea Dream on your Wrist" timepiece from Angular Momentum is custom made in the company's workshop in Bern, Switzerland. There are only several pieces of the watch and each piece is unique. Among other features are sapphire glass, the company's logo, transparent back case, mechanical winding. One more amazing collection from Angular Momentum is called "Incredible India". The collection is very bright, colorful and beautiful. They represent special interest to Indian customers and those who are interested in India. They are special due to the fact they feature portraits of the Lords of India and namely Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Ganesha, Lakshmi and others. The style of executing is very unusual it reminds street poster painting. The technique is called Èglomise. Each Angular Moment India timepiece is hand painted on the reverse of a sapphire watch dial in the Angular Momentum workshop.

Bedat Shares Secrets with Watch Lovers
Bedat has introduced a new 'highly-secretive' advertising campaign with original name - 'Shh!'. Models Carmen Kass and Andoni Anastasse have been invited to take part in the campaign. They touch their lips with fingers showing the universal 'Shh!' sign. The campaign reveals the secret that the Bedat brand is 'very famous amongst very few people'. Everyone enjoys being trusted with a secret. The idea of the Bedat new advertising campaign has been suggested by Pascal and Thierry advertising company with headquarters in Paris. The campaign focuses attention upon Bedat communication strategy turning it into a fully-fledged brand. Peter Lindbergh has been entrusted by photographing the models, while Nick Welsh has taken photos of the Bedat timepieces.Yet, Bedat real secret is revealed through the timepieces recently developed by the brand. While creating the watches, the Bedat watchmakers have maintained the tradition of uniting classic style with modern shapes and curves. The No. 8 collection has comprised new watch models characterized by 'round inside a cushion shape'. The watches also display such distinctive feature as the big date indication found at 3 o'clock. The platted alligator strap finely matches the overall design of the timepieces. The brand has developed a new original version of the No. 3 watch. The timepiece has been crafted in yellow gold. It sparkles with 125 natural brown diamonds. The sunburst chocolate-brown dial with satin finishing immediately arrests attention.

Exclusive GrandCliff Ice for Ladies and GMT Power Reserve for Men by Pierre DeRoche
Pierre DeRoche has recently unveiled the diamond-set version of its GrandCliff Ice, having successfully combined luxury and purity. The brand has stepped into a new era of supreme elegance united with an outstanding level of technical mastery. This gorgeous lady's watch reveals 64 diamonds delicately set on the bezel. Having created the diamond version of the GrandCliff, Pierre DeRoche has paid tribute to all women, as well as to a note worthy line of watchmakers. The initially technical and substantial version of the GrandCliff, with distinctively masculine appeal, has been subjected to a profound change - the reinterpreted timepiece features an elegant silvered dial and a perfectly matching white crocodile strap. The original Pierre DeRoche GrandCliff Ice represented a unisex model unveiled in February 2007. Inspired by the spirit of femininity, the Joux Valley watchmaker has been more than successful in femininizing the timepiece. The jewelery version of the GrandCliff Ice reveals a gentle touch of luxury with 64 diamonds weighing 1.28 carat. The diamond version of the timepiece has maintained the emotional impact of a timepiece of rare quality. The timepiece is equipped with a Dubois Depraz movement and an open-worked, engraved rotor. The diamond-embellished GrandCliff Ice has incorporated a retrograde chronograph and large date.

Jules Audemars Ladies'
TourbillonThe Jules Audemars Ladies' Tourbillon is crafted in white or pink gold. The dial of the timepiece in natural white mother-of-pearl is skillfully engraved with a 'spiral' flinque motif. You will notice a diamond on the top of each Roman numeral. This way the watch's creators ensured harmony between the dial and gem-paved bezel. However, when you see the timepiece, your attention will surely be drawn to 6 o'clock and paralyzed by the magic whirl of the tourbillon regulator, a complicated device considerably improving the precision of timekeeping. The escapement organs (these are a wheel, lever and balance) are not assembled in a fixed position. They are found within a mobile carriage rotating once a minute, thus compensating for the gravity effects, particularly when the timepiece is found in a vertical position. One more fascinating detail is that the bridges are embellished with extremely small 'dancing spiral' motifs reflecting the great care given to the movement decoration.

New Raymond Weil Chocolate Timekeeping Creation
Raymond Weil has introduced a new dazzling timepiece to join its Shine collection, a vivid demonstration of the outstanding aesthetic creativity of the independent Swiss family watchmaker.
The new Raymond Weil watch is embellished with full-cut white diamonds selected for their supreme clarity. The timepiece demonstrates a nice play on the nuances of light and matter.
The appeal of the watch is further enhanced by a contrast between powerful steel, clearest diamonds and deep chocolate tone. The elegance and distinctive features of the new timepiece fully reflect the spirit of the Shine collection.
The nicely proportioned chocolate-brown dial reveals four steel and diamond Arabic numerals in relief, set with 43 8/8-cut diamonds. The color of the dial adds an extra touch of irresistible softness and sensuality to jeweled watch. The time is shown with a gleaming caress by the dauphine polished steel hands with truncated ends.


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