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The Internet Fashion Database

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At present, the FMD database includes over 9,000 fashion models, 300 fashion designers and 1000 modeling agencies. Furthermore FMD is serving over 125000 model images and fashion videos to over 1 million monthly visitors. In 2007, FMD announced the launch of MVA (Most Valuable Agency), a new verification, testing and certification program for modeling agencies. Main objective is to provide credible information about modeling agencies and to sort out or render public all fraudulent and dubious agencies before they can do any harm. Therefore MVA also provides scam alerts and warnings as well as complaints submitted by professional fashion models. Furthermore, the information is being synchronized with a selected list of consumer protection services of several countries around the world such as the BBB or FTC.

The Fashion Color Database (FDC) is a compilation of documented color names, their definitions, usage, and/or trends throughout history. All the color names are documented in various publications listed in the FDC Bibliography.
The FCD started as a college project in 1996 by
The Costume Gallery’s owner, Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier. At the time, the working title was "Color Names Throughout the Centuries." The FDC project originated from trying to find out what the fashion color name "Dead Spaniard" definition was during the 1500s. Since then, Penny has been documenting color names and their usage. In 1998, she lost her entire database of over 4,000 documented color names. What you see in the FCD today, is her original college work, and the additions since 1998.
The FCD is a continuing effort to document color usage in fashion. Our primary goal was to document color names from the app. 600 A.D. to the 1930s. Our current objective is to document all the color names used in the primary sources in our
Costume Research Library, and provide links to the webpages of the documentation.
All the colors listed in the Fashion Color Database are listed in the master index. The color names are listed alphabetically and by the usage years, or documented publication. The names are on the left side of the webpage and the years of documentation are to the right of the color name. When a color has more than 10 documented years, it will display the number of entries that exist in the FCD. Example, the color White: (98 entries).
Whenever you see the Fashion Color Index, as shown above, you may click on the letter of the alphabet that you wish to view. The master index is to be used as a reference. There are no links from the master index to the color names in the Database.
Brooklyn Fashion Gallery Design Database
Fashion apparrel, textile, Home and accessories designers are asked to fill out this form. Fashion as industry, also requires production and service professional, We have added submission for these professionals at the end of this form and urge you to forward this to other professionals you know. We welcome individuals outside the Tri-state area that are interested in The potential of Brooklyn as a center for Creative, Independent Entrepreneurship! Brooklyn organizations, bloggers and press are invited to contact us for leads to designers in Brooklyn Fashion Sector.

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