Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fashion Child


Glug Baby
Glug baby was born to a husband and wife team shortly after their first child was born. Like so many other parents, they were excited to buy well-designed, everyday clothes for their daughter to wear, but couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for. So they decided to start designing for themselves. The challenge was simple - create a fresh, modern line stylish enough to appeal to hip parents, yet still playful and appropriate for children. Three years later, GLUG BABY is going strong and expanding every season.
Morgan & Milo Ginger Mary Jane
A mary jane that is not afraid to be worn for play dates. Little girls will enjoy this soft suede upper with playful embroidered hearts and colorful striped lining. Moms will love that it has a durable rubber toe cap and all the comfort of her daughters favorite GINGER MARY JANE sneakers.

The modern boy - he is the king of the monkey bars, prince of the lunch table. He never makes the bus, but always makes his bed. He likes his ABCs, minds his Ps and Qs and devours his PB and Js, in that order. All in all, an extremely talented young man. Check out WONDERBOY collections for your modern boy.

PluiePluie Rainboots
PluiePluie means “rain, rain” in French. Its European styled raingear will make you wish it would rain every day. But no longer would you have to be sopping wet–PLUIEPLUIE is sure to rescue your day!

Daily Tea from Tea Collection
For a world of play…everyday
Discover Daily Tea - the easy mix-and-match knits for infants! Inspired by the everyday play of children, Daily Tea offers high-quality, 100% cotton knits with distinctive prints, colors and silhouettes that create endless wardrobe possibilities. DISCOVER DAILY TEA

Kate Spade Nylon Large Baby MessengerThis classic nylon messenger bag is a great choice for career minded moms. This water resistant bag has two interior bottle pockets and a zip pocket. The wipeable lining makes cleaning up spills a snap. A change pad is included but can be removed. The unstructured interior makes it easy to pack tons of baby stuff. This bag will keep any mom looking stylish, but is also classic enough to use

Pixel Pak
Pixel Modern Pieces offers the essential outfit-to-go in this 3-Piece cotton set. Featuring a two-tone cotton tee with quirky graphic and coordinating track pant and beanie this modern gift set will be a favorite of both baby and mama’s alike! Find one that fits your baby’s personality.
Pixel Pak gift sets come in a convenient 6” reuseable clear bag. You’ll find your Pixel Pak makes the perfect “outfit to go.” When not storing an extra outfit - use your bag for hot wheels, crayons, hair bands or a snack! Made for you in the USA.

Ellie Bellie Kids Messenger Bag
Who says messenger bags are only for those who know their times tables?
A little sporty, a little metro, these pint-sized messenger bags are a hit with kids and parents alike. Kids love carrying their own treasures, and you’ll love not having to carry those treasures yourself. Fill it with snacks, books, puzzles or other gear and give them a sense of independence while looking super stylish too! Measures 10″w x 8″h x 2″d. Adjustable strap. Velcro closure. Interior pocket. Machine

Spongebob Squarepants Celebrates His 10 Year Anniversary
Spongebob Squarepants Celebrates His 10 Year AnniversarySpongebob Squarepants Celebrates His 10 Year Anniversary. Humanity™ has created a fashionable, humanitarian Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt to celebrate!Spongebob Squarepants fans young and old can join in the celebration with this organic cotton t-shirt. Humanity is a tapestry of art and written text that unfolds the story of individuals, social justice and the environment.Each Humanity piece collection reveals a story. Through the artistic design on the outside and the written text on the inside Humanity is sure to be loved by all.

New Consumers? Children, Fashion and Consumption
‘Pester power’ may be familiar to many parents of children trying to cope with ever increasing demands for the latest trainers, CDs, mobile phones and computer games. The fact that children now represent a considerable market for producers and retailers of such goods might be well known, but the significance of consumption to their lives and to childhood more generally is not. Taking children’s consumption of clothing as its focus, our research has attempted to understand the place and significance of fashion amongst 6–11 year olds in different regions of England. Working in detail with children in eight contrasting families over the course of a full year, the research has looked at the place of labels and logos in contemporary childhood. Our findings highlight parental concerns about inappropriate sexualization through clothing and at the same time challenge the idea that all children want to look like their favourite pop star or footballer

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