Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fashion Slwar Kameez Kurta and Sherwani

Party SherwaniParty
Sherwanis manufactured by us are exclusive wear for that special occasion. It's a must for anyone's wardrobe who wants to look different and unique. The fine designing & embellishments on the Sherwanis enhance the very traditional Indian look. These are suitable to wear at any occasion and suits any personality. We are capable of manufacturing sherwani in bulk within short lead time as per the specifications of our clients. Our party sherwani is also easily affordable and is available in various colors and patterns. Our range includes

Mens Sherwani -v- A Penguin Suit
I have an insane passion for Sherwani’s. It’s not because they look particularly good on me either!
I guess i just love the glitter, the twinkle, the sparkle of the traditional Indian long dress for men. Yes, a dress for men!
Sherwani’s, in the Western hemisphere, are usually worn on special occasions. Mostly weddings and festivals, where colour and glamour of the Eastern persuasion is celebrated through dress, dancing and delights.
The ladies have many reasons to accessorise themselves in glitzy clothing (that is; if they even need a reason!). With their technicolor shalwars, sari’s, head-to-toe jewellery and the many accessories they adorn themselves with on a daily basis.
On the other hand, the Western men require a far more rational excuse to go to such lengths. Men will choose to wear a sophisticated Sherwani on extremely special occasions. Such occasions tend to, more often than not, be their own wedding.
Not every man can pull off a “penguin suit”, but in my mind, any man can look awesome in a sherwani Not only does the mens sherwani reflect the glamour of the occasion, it reflects style, charisma and elegance. Some men will hunt for a “3-peice by Hugo Boss” at a time like this but a true Asian Groom will re-define his culture and re-energise his roots by plucking for a Sherwani and show the woman of his dreams that he too looks good in silk & gold.
Sherwani coats are tailored to hug the body and drape to the knees with feature-rich heavy or light embroidery in gold, silver or whatever colour you desire. The detaling of embroidery can be quite intricate and flowery, but with the ever-increasing number of designs available on the market, a perfect match for your size and design will always be waiting somewhere.

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