Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fashion Saree


We always see the success of Manish Malhotra as the hot and most demanded fashion designer but he started his career by joining Equinox, a boutique in Bandra and learnt on the job, throwing himself into all aspects of design, display, sales, customer services and workshop liaison. He use to take care of every aspect wether it is attending the client, shopping for fabric or even dressing the model.

The Indian Sari: Fashioning the

Female Form

Legend has it that when the beauteous Draupadi - wife of the Pandavas, was lost to the Kauravas in a gambling duel, the lecherous victors, intent on humiliating and harassing Draupadi, caught one end of the diaphanous material that draped her demurely, yet seductively. They continued to pull and unravel, but could not reach the end, and thus undrape her. Virtue triumphed yet again in this 5,000 year old Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Legend, fantasy, history or fact, it is the first recorded reference to the enduringly attractive Sari - the longest running 'in fashion' item of feminine apparel in the world.
In a metaphysical sense the Kauravas symbolize the forces of chaos and destruction, trying to unwind what is in effect, infinity. They are finally forced to stop, frustrated and defeated.

Indian Fashion Sari

Designer Sari is the most graceful ethnic outfit that is primarily worn by Indian women. It is an unstitched long piece of cloth usually five to six yards sometimes as long as nine yard. It is wrapped around the body with one end tied around the waist and the other end called "pallu"neatly draped over the shoulder. Indian fashion sari can be draped in a variety of styles, with each style having its own uniqueness. The basic difference lies in the manner in which Pallu is wraPallu is meant for show and thus is decorated beautifully. Sari is worn over blouse (also known as a choli) and petticoat. Blouses usually are in silk, cotton and velvet fabric. There can be different styles of blouse cuts like boat necked, square necked, blouses with straps. Since time immemorial, Sari has been the most popular costume. Though ideally it is a clothing of North Indian women but preferred by all because of the elegance and comfort it offers.
Sari highlights the beauty of women in the most graceful and natural manner. It maintains the very essence of our Indian culture. Saris come up in a variety of fabrics, exquisite styles, beautiful prints, exclusive embroideries like Zari, Resham, beadwork and studded stones with a palette of rainbow colors. Embroided sari is very in. It is a dress for all seasons and virtually all occasions. Indian Wedding sari is a super hit among brides. It is considered to be the most perfect dress for the wedding day. When worn with proper fashion accessories and jewelry, Sari can do wonders to the charm of the bride.


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